A hospice pharmacy offers a specialized service. The procedure for ordering medicinal drugs for the patients of hospice care in the U.S. has changed. Most hospice organizations work on a contract basis with various service providers, including compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies play a vital role in hospice care because they can alter dosage size to accommodate each individual patient.

Erie Pharmacy brings honor to Hospice Care.

Erie Pharmacists play an important role in the hospice environment because Erie Pharmacy compounding can offer a practical and compassionate way to meet hospice patients customized medicinal needs. Hospice compounding is suited with the concept of providing personalized, individual care to a terminal patient in hospice care.

The Benefits of Compounded Hospice Medications

Customized dosage

Erie Pharmacy customizes medicine to the precise dosage as per the patient’s requirement. In a hospice facility, the strength of commercially available medicines is generally not strong enough to address a patient’s pain issues. We prepare the precise dosage that the patient needs to stay comfortable.

Specialized forms

We can provide medicines in specialized forms that patients in hospice care can tolerate, e.g. transdermal pain creams or gels, suckers, liquids and sprays. This type of preparation helps patients who have difficulty swallowing normal pills and eliminates the necessity of painful injections.

Easy access to medicines

Since Erie Pharmacy makes its own medication, the unavailability of certain medical drugs does not affect the patients. You can simply rely on us and can place orders as per prescriptions for your loved ones.

Multiple medications into a single dose

Erie Pharmacy can combine multiple medications into a single dose if the patient in hospice facility is taking multiple medicines. We can prepare transdermal gel, capsules, or a suppository. This makes it easier for patients to consume medicines in a convenient way.

Adding flavors

Certain flavors in medication are not quite palatable to patients in hospice care. We can prepare medications with a range of flavors that are still pleasant to take, ensuring that the patient gets the full benefit of the medicine.

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