Dentistry Compounding is a method of creating personalized dental medications by combining separate ingredients to create a customized formulation for each individual. Erie Compounding Pharmacy works with your dentist to customize a medication, including the strength and dosage form, to suit your dental needs.

Visiting a dentist is generally a very unpleasant experience for both adults as well as children. One single visit causes a lot of anxiety, but with dentistry compounding working together with a dentist can overwork most of these issues.

Necessity is the mother of invention. To get over anxiety issues while visiting dentists, Dentistry Compounding has created effective medicines and has become popular in recent years. These customized procedures and care vary according to the age and tolerance levels of the patients.

Dental Compounding is a method of preparing customized medications for your dental needs. These products can be prescribed and made for:

  • Procedural anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Tooth whitening
  • Gum disease
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Treatment for dry socket
  • Cancer sores
  • Mouth ulcers

Why dental compounding?

Dental compounding plays an effective role with issues that begin with going to the dentist, anxiety during a procedure to pain relief. At Erie Compounding Pharmacy we create the medication with different dosage forms, like a gel instead of a pill with varied strength with varied flavors.

We offer the following options of medicines:

  • Flavoring: dentistry compounding allows your pharmacist to add flavoring in order to create better-tasting medications without altering their effectiveness.
  • Gels and pastes: gels and pastes are great ways to deliver topical pain relief which can be administered instead of oral pain medications. It can even be used to numb an area of the mouth before an injection.
  • Lollipops: lollipops are very effective with children and people who are nauseated or have trouble swallowing pills. Oral anesthetics or pain relievers made into a lollipop format are more palatable.

Apart from in the Dentist’s office, Dentistry compounding medicines can be used to make medications like mouthwashes, lip balms, or bleaching gels that need to be taken at home after your dental visit.

We make dental medications in a limited number of strengths and dosage forms to satisfy the needs of patients. That’s because the cost of stocking and distributing numerous formulations of each drug varies. We use pharmaceutical grade chemicals and specialized equipment. We compound medications in doses and dosage forms that are not commercially available. We offer optimized care for every patient. Just let us know what you need!

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